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At the tender age of 10, Cia DM enjoys mixing; she started doing so at the time of vinyl records as well as audio tapes! ; for 31 years, she listens, mixes, learns from record decks/tuntables, and she has embarked on music collection; “up to date” remains her big record library; this music labyrinth keeps her focused richly, With the latest remixes, hailing from all walks of life … Trance, Techno, Deep House, Rock, Pop, Soul, Reggae, African Rumba, Lounge, Classical, R & B, Alternative, Funk, Latino, Oriental … Her music collection consists of the “Best Of…”, as she has fun taking ambianceurs and night clubbers across time, dancing, moving, inventing musical mixes of all kinds for dinner dances, aperitifs, including yoga and meditation. 
Today, thanks to this musical and cultural richness, she stands behind record decks and turntables with acoustic accompaniment, sometimes alone with her guitar and vocals, or accompanied by a saxophonist, a drummer, or a live band. 
She then performs according to what she refers to as Acoustic Electro Lounge – A.E.L. Without further ado, Welcome Cia Dm’s music wave ….


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DJ cia DM