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Cia DM discovered her passion for mixing at the tender age of 10, when it was still the craze of radio, vinyl records and audio cassettes.

For almost 33 years, she has listened to, mixed and collected all the albums and songs that resonated within her. Her wonderful music library which has now become digital, is always kept “up to date”. She is also closely following the “technical” evolution since the appearance of CD, to the new Pioneer CDJ mixing tables which she is now using with excellence.

Cia DM is offering you a wealth of musical tunes through the playlists below which include the latest remixes from all walks of life... from Rock to Pop, Trance, Techno, Deep House, Soul, Reggae, African Rumba, Lounge, Classical, R&B, Alternative, Funk, Latino and Oriental…

Cia Dm takes pleasure in sharing her musical talent and rich collection of music by taking party-goers on a journey through time, dancing, moving, inventing new mixes for birthday parties, dinner dances and cocktail parties. On another note, she is even passionate about the sounds of Tibetan bowls and gongs which will be brightening up any yoga and meditation classes.

Today, thanks to this musical and cultural wealth, she stands behind the decks with acoustic accompaniment, sometimes alone with her guitar and her voice, or accompanied by a saxophonist, a drummer, or a group in live. She then performs according to what she calls “Electro Lounge Acoustics” – A.E.L. Without further ado, welcome to the musical universe of Cia DM…

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