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Où va
le monde?

Cia Dm - Où va le monde ?


Trained musician, she plays the piano, the violon but she chooses the guitar to express herself, juggling between French, English and Swahili. Author and composer, but especially women of the world; her album records was made between Brussels, Lubumbashi and Johannesburg.

So naturally she calls her album « EKLEKTIK », With this album she is taking us on a journey through Africa and she’s invited us to « Change the world » with her new single supported by a very unique visual. We dive into a musical adventure

Nouvel Album


  1. Apprendre à voler Cia DM 6:09
  2. Le temps Cia DM 4:00
  3. Coming Back To Life Cia DM 4:59
  4. Son amour Cia DM 4:01
  5. Maman Cia DM 3:20
  6. Badirisha Dunia Cia Dm 3:18
  7. Mon Afrique Cia Dm 4:08
  8. Tu Waze Mbele Cia DM 3:11
  9. Kazi Yethu Cia DM 3:16
  10. Changer le monde Cia DM 3:18
  11. Hotel California Cia Dm 5:42
  12. En l'an 2050 Cia DM 3:57
  13. Il y a 15 ans Cia DM 3:14
  14. Revenir à la vie Cia DM 4:57


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